Multilingual Services

Today’s customer expects timely and thorough service from the brands they choose to support. This transcends language, communication channel and certainly geography. Not every language that multinational brands need to support requires the scale to merit a contact center of significant scale. 

Globee provides support in virtually any language, and is scalable and technologically powered to ensure that each experience—in any language—is the best it can possible be. 


Native speakers are relocated to Malaysia to work at Globee based on the mutually agreed upon hiring criteria. These native language speakers are then trained to be brand experts for our clients, and can represent them to customers in the strongest way possible. These Globee brand experts deliver a personalized customer experience for clients by communicating with the language perfection and cultural sensitivity required for the experience to be truly seamless. 

All languages are comingled within the Globee state of the art contact center, united under the one brand flag they are hired to support. Key performance indicators are managed across languages giving client one view into the voice of the customer, or isolated views by language.

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